NoFlyZoneUK & UAV Countermeasures


99.99% of professional drone operators in the UK are more than happy to respect requests for No Fly Zones, however, they need a central database for such requests which is one of the solutions we provide


To help ensure the safety of the industry in relation to flight Ops, we will work with stakeholders to provide a 24/7 tracking service that the public can access both online and via an App

Airspace Access

​You will have the ability to control entry & access points into your airspace​​, and we will take on the burden of collectively collating this information for operators

Drones are here to stay

Drones will inevitably one day dominate our skies and they will change the way in which we live our daily lives; for the better. As the technology improves and becomes even more readily available, more and more companies will use Drones to augment or create their service. These are exciting times!

We believe that people should be able to request that their property or land becomes a No Fly Zone, and, of course, you can always change your mind. We want to provide an effective communication conduit through which the public can liaise directly with UAV & Drone operators.

Privacy & safety are also two of the major concerns surrounding the operation of UAVs in the UK & abroad, but we strongly believe that these concerns should not inhibit or delay the inevitable rise & opportunity associated with drones. 

Submit your details for free to request a drone no fly zone over your Land or property.

Your Drone / UAV No Fly Zone request will be added to our free mapping feature, and shared with other Drone No Fly Zone flight resource services & Drone No fly Zone App  developers.

We also offer a UAV Countermeasure / Surveillance Consultancy Service. To find out more about this particular service, please contact us using the 'Contact Us' page.

​Once you have submitted your No Fly Zone request, it will last until such time as you let us know that you wish to have it removed