No Fly Zone UK has been set up in order to help the Commercial UAV industry in the UK prosper by tackling issues such as Privacy and Security which could impede the growth of the Industry in the UK. It is our mission & hope, that by sharing information & by developing an effective UAV security, surveillance & countermeasure infrastructure, and by planning for, and preventing against the potential illegitimate & illegal use of UAVs, then we can help to ensure that UAVs become something that the public can be proud of, rather than apprehensive about. 

Our Management Team has a wealth of experience when it comes to emerging technologies and how they can impact on our national security. Our Founder, John Tansley, has previously served in both the Armed Forces (Electronic Warfare) and the Security Services, meaning that we have an intimate and comprehensive understanding of not only potential privacy & security threats, but also how to tackle & prevent them in a safe, preventative and non-intrusive manner. 

As part of our service, we can offer you a bespoke counter-UAV & surveillance  Drone consultancy service, using our in-depth knowledge of the sector to ensure that you get the best anti UAV & drone surveillance system designed to suit the individual needs of you & your organisation. Already, there are  many companies offering many different solutions, but how do you know which one is right for you and your individual demands and needs?

We strongly believe in pro-action rather than re-action. By acting now, to mitigate against the potential illegal use of UAVs / drones / UAS systems, then you are ensuring that you stay one step ahead of the potential threat of UAV misuse .

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