Of Course, there will be people who would like to benefit from some of the many services which will come from the operation of Drones/UAVs/RPAS in the UK, such as package and parcel deliveries. 

For example, you may, in the not too distant future, elect to have your parcels delivered to your home or office via drone. In this scenario, it is vital that you let the drone operators know where you would like your items delivered, and how they should access this delivery point. 

‚ÄčTherefore, we are committed to compiling the data required by drone operators in order to enable them to make safe and effective deliveries to your property. Once you let us know where you would like your Airspace Access point to be, then we will let Drone/UAV/RPAS operators know the details of such a location which should then enable the safe, secure and effective delivery of your package. Please contact us for more information using the contact us page