John Tansley, our MD & Founder, has previously held a Top Secret (strap 2) clearance whilst serving in the HM Forces, has previously served for 6 years in the Metropolitan Police and has been involved in several successful businesses since leaving the Met Police in 2008. has been set up in the UK in order to help enable & to facilitate the introduction of the vast benefits which the drone industry will inevitably bring. Our service is intended to benefit the public and the drone industry, as well as the UK Government.

Our service comprises of four new elements: 1) to enable the public to request that their property/land be designated as a No Fly Zone 2) to monitor and track all UAV/Drone/RPAS/UAS flights & share such information with the Public 3) to provide a rapid drone intercept service in order to prevent potentially hostile drone incidents (such as a terrorist attack) as well as offering counter UAV/Drone consultancy services 4) to maintain a central database of Airspace Access points for drone delivery companies.

This is important news, as it will help to allow the UAV industry to establish itself in the UK, meaning services such a Amazon’s Prime Air, DHL’s drone delivery service and Googles Project Wing (amongst others) can realistic get a foothold in the UK whilst simultaneously addressing current security and privacy concerns.