With the increase in the usage of drones / UAV & UAS systems, comes the increase in the need to address the Privacy concerns which people are quite rightly expressing. Currently, UAV operators have to get permission to fly over private premises. Although this works at the moment whilst the industry is still relatively small, as it gets bigger, the work needed to get such permissions will become even more challenging. 

Our aim is to take on the task of managing fly-over requests on behalf of UAV operators. We will achieve this by the creation of a central database that will list all those properties which have requested to be designated as a No Fly Zone. The public can notify No Fly Zone of their request & this information will then be stored on a central database. UAV operators can then access this database in order to establish as to whether or not their intended flight path will take them over a property which has requested to become a No Fly Zone. 

Therefore, rather than UAV operators having to keep knocking on the doors of multiple properties, at inconvenience to both parties, the operators of UAVs can make a database inquiry against our records, using our free mapping service

And rather than the public keep having to re-affirm their position in relation to whether or not they want drones flying over their properties,   they can fill out a simple from on our website. The service is FREE to both operators and the public.