If you have witnessed an incident involving a drone, or UAV,  then you can use the form below to let us know about it. We will then make contact with the registered UAV operators in your area in order to try and identify the user. We will also mark the location on our mapping feature, for the purpose of greater awareness & information sharing. 

We want to be able to try and identify hotspots in the UK where drone & UAV incidents are more likely, and then to analyse the probable cause behind the increased incidents. We will then collate this data onto a 'Heat Map' so that the authorities & the public can view this information. 

‚ÄčNo Fly Zone will then also liaise with the drone & UAV operator, where identified, in order to resolve the issue.

Please scroll down and fill in the form below to let us know in as much detail as possible about where the drone incident occurred. We will endeavor to let you know as soon as possible about anything we have been able to find out about the circumstances surrounding the flight. This could take up to two weeks. 

No Fly Zone UK is a part of the Consolidated Drone Group:www.ConsolidatedDroneGroup.com