With the rapid emergence & development of the UAV & UAS Industry comes  the need to ensure that those with criminal intent do not compromise yours, or your organisations privacy and security.  UAS & UAV systems will completely change the manner in which we live our lives; for the better.

Yet, with this new technology also comes new threats and potential issues, such as the infringement of your privacy or security, which needs to be addressed & thus safeguarded against.  This is why you should make sure that your UAV / UAS / Drone defence & countermeasure system is the right one for you & your organisation. Or perhaps you are looking to deploy UAVs / drones in a surveillance capacity, to protect your assets or for aerial monitoring?

NFZ UK has a wealth of experience and insight into the UAV & UAS Security & Privacy sector, as we have been here right from the very beginning. We have forged links with some of the top UAV / UAS / Drone defence system manufacturers worldwide. Yet with so many different counter UAV & UAS systems & options coming onto the market, you need to make sure that you pick a UAV/UAS Countermeasure & defence solution that is right for your own unique demands and needs.

We offer a full UAV/UAS  Countermeasure / defence consultancy service that can help you to develop & deploy an infrastructure or solution that ensures you , your family, your business or your assets are not compromised.  We can take care of the entire process of finding the best solution, right through to managing the integration & deployment of the UAV / Drone Countermeasures. 

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